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Planet Gymnastics After School Bounce provides quality childcare for children, starting with Kindergartener's and going through the sixth grade. To find out more click on "Just for Fun".



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The 2012-2013 Meet Schedule will be posted when it becomes available.


Coaches' Bios


Rachel Dabbs Jussely


Rachel was a competitive gymnast for 8 years with 3 years as an elite level gymnast.  During her competitive years she was coached by nationally and internationally known coaches which contributed to her receiving many state, regional, and national awards. 

Rachel used her athletic ability to excel in cheerleading as well.  She was a 2 year cheerleader for Hattiesburg High School.  During those two years, she was selected as a National Cheerleading Association All-American, Mississippi High School Athletic Association MVP cheerleader and was given an invitation to join the National Cheerleader Association’s staff.

Coaching gymnastics is a love that is deeply rooted in Rachel.  She has coached recreational and competitively for 12 years.  She coached in Tupelo, New York City, and Hattiesburg.  With many state champions and regional qualifiers Rachel has proved her talent and ability to help others excel to be their best.  In 2009, one of Rachel’s students was a Level 9 member of the Eastern National Team.

Rachel has owned Planet Gymnastics for 2 years.  She is happily married and has 3 sons, Hatten (2) and twins:  Dabbs & Parker (6 mos.).














Vladimir Ufimtsev "Big Vlad"


  With over 40 years of gymnastics coaching experience, "Big Vlad" as we like to call him has such a rich bio of expertise.  In the 1980’s, he coached 3 Olympic gold medalist for the Soviet Union.  He served as the National Head Coach for Great Britain and Scotland.  He was also the Olympic coach for the USSR.  He coached Olympic gold medalist Vladimir Novkov.  Big Vlad also coached Valeri Liuken, father and coach of Nastia Liuken, also an Olympic champion.  With all this elite coaching and training he remains a steady, yet gentle coach continually building gymnasts skills and confidence to progress to their next level. 

Big Vlad has been in the USA for 8 years and recently received his US citizenship.  He has been a coach at Planet Gymnastics for 2 years.  Big Vlad is married to Mrs. Rita and they have two children, Vova 23 and Olesysa 18.












Margarita Dronova "Mrs. Rita"


Mrs. Rita is a world class choreographer and it shows in each routine that she designs.  Her background consists of both gymnastics and dance.  She has served as the national choreographer for Russia, Great Britain, and Scotland.  Mrs. Rita choreographed the Opening Ceremonies for the 1988 Olympics. 

With 25 plus years of coaching experience, she has had many state, regional, and national champions to glean from her expertise.    Each routine choreographed by Mrs. Rita is so unique and perfectly fits gymnast’s personality.  It is truly a joy to watch her use her giftedness to bring out the best in each child. 

Mrs. Rita has been in the USA for 8 years and recently received her US citizenship.  She has been coaching at Planet Gymnastics for 2 years.  She is married to Big Vlad and they have two children, Vova 23 and Olesysa 18.














Tony Schwingle


Planet Gymnastics is so proud to now offer a boy’s competitive team.  Tony Schwingle is our boy’s coach.  He has 13 years of gymnastics experience competing for many different teams throughout the region.  He’s won State champion titles at levels   4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. Tony was a level 9 Regional champion on rings. 

Tony has coached at Houston Gymnastics Academy and was trained there by Kevin Mazeika.  His training in Houston was in to become a Pommel horse, Parallel bars, and vault specialist with dreams of making the senior national team.

Tony has been coaching gymnastics for 3 years, and he has also helped coach cheerleading teams all around the state.  While a competitive cheerleader, his squad won two national champion titles and third place at the Universal Cheerleaders Association Nationals Competition in Walt Disney World.  Currently, Tony is a cheerleader for PRCC.  He will be transferring to USM after his sophomore year at PRCC to complete his degree in Sports Coaching.