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After School Care:

Planet Gymnastics After School Bounce provides quality childcare for children, starting with Kindergartener's and going through the sixth grade. To find out more click on "Just for Fun".



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For any new student you refer that pays for a full session you can earn $25 off of your next session.!  Each registration form has a "how you heard about us" blank at the top. All the new student has to do is put your name in that blank and the $25 will be credited to you for the following session! It's that easy!!!

  2012-2013 SCHEDULE 


***Please note there is an annual registration fee of $45 for an individual or $65 for a family.  We will apply a 20% sibling discount and a 20% discount for multiple classes.***

  • BOUNCING BABIES - Ages 18-36 months - 45 minutes/wk. Parent participation with the child is required.  Children will explore basic skills of coordination, balance and body control ($80.00/ 6 week session).  (Mon. 5:30/Tues. 9:30/ Thur. 4:00) Class ratio is 6:1


  • TUMBLING TOTS - 3 yrs old - 45 minutes/wk. Designed for children to independently explore the basic movements and skills of gymnastics. ($80.00/ 6 week session).  (Mon.4:00/ Tues. 4:00/ Wed. 4:30/ Thur. 5:00) Class ratio is 6:1


  • KINDER KIDS/GIRLS - 4-5 yrs old. 1 hr/wk. Designed to introduce girls to the four events of women's gymnastics: Vault, Uneven bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise. ($95.00/ 6 week session)  (Tue. 5:00/ Wed. 5:00/ Thur. 1:00/4:00) Class ratio is 8:1 


  • KINDER KIDS/BOYS - 4-5 yrs old. 1 hr /wk. Designed to introduce boys to strength training and the six events of men's gymnastics: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. ($95.00/ 6 week session).  (Mon. 4:00/ Thur. 5:00) Class ratio is 8:1


  • KARATE -  Ages 4 and up. Two 1 hour classes per week. Focuses on the traditional form of ShotoKan Karate. The class is led by a 4th Degree Black belt instructor who is recognized and tested through the Japanese Karate Association (JKA) ($90.00 per month). Mon and Wed 4:00.


  • GIRL'S REC 1 -  6 yrs old and up. 1 hr/wk. This class continues the progression of skills in women's gymnastics. (Beginner) ($95.00/ 6 week session).  (Tue. 4:00/ Wed. 6:00/ Thur. 5:00) Class ratio is 8:1


  • GIRL'S REC 2 - 6 yrs old and up. 1 hr/wk. This class is the second step in the progression of women's gymnastics. Students who have mastered the skills in Rec 1 will be recommended to move to Rec 2. (Intermediate) ($95.00/ 6 week session).  (Tues. 5:00/ Wed. 5:30)  Class ratio is 6:1


  • SuperGirls is a class for girls who continually master skills, show hard work, and dedicate themselves in their class week after week.  It enables the girls to work with other gymnasts who are on the same skill level.  This class is also thought of as a pre-team for our Competitive Women's Gymnastics Program.  SuperGirls is by invitation only.  (Mon. 5:00 & Tues. 5:30) $100/ 6 week session
  • MightyKids- by invitation only (Mon. 6:00 & Tues. 4:30) $100/6 week session


  • BOYS REC 1 -  6 yrs and up. 1 hr/wk. This class introduces the skills in all 6 men's gymnastic's events. (Beginner) ($95.00/ 6 week session).  ( Mon. 5:00/Thur. 4:00) Class ratio is 8:1


  • Boy's Competitive Team- (By invitation only) All boys interested in competitive gymnastics are welcome!  If you already have competition experience, you will attend 3 competitions plus State Meet this year.  If you are new to the sport, this year will be used for training and competition will begin October 2011.  (Tues. 4:00-8:00/ Thur. 4:00-8:00/ Fri. 4:00-6:00) Coached by Tony Schwingle


  •  TUMBLING - 6 yrs old and up. 1 hr/wk. This is a progressive class beginning with basic tumbling skills  such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings then proceeding to more elite tumbling skills such as back tucks and layouts. ( $95.00 / 6 week session). (Mon. 6:15/ Thur. 6:15) Class ratio is 8:1




Don't see a class time that works for you?  No problem...get 3 or more of your friends together and we'll try to create a class just for you.  Call the front desk for more information. (601-268-6757)